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3SG LENS is an integrated platform that shows a business leader way to prioritize and focus.

It provides a simple way to capture data from all phases of business operations & management.


3SG LENS – Clear Visibility for Business, Seamless Experience


LENS creates customized reports and dashboards that bring clear visibility for strategic direction.


  1. Turn-key answer – fully integrated technology for seamless experience
  2. Effective leads management
  3. Customized reporting, real time dashboards that show big picture snap shot of business operations
  4. Create ability to forecast with confidence
  5. Feedback loop – see what works well, identify opportunities to refine, revise.
  6. Online quote support


3SG LENS – Easy To Use

3SG team has developed framework to configure LENS to needs of a business. With a couple of meetings, it guides a business leader to get tabs on data that might be scattered over different tools, spreadsheets, emails …etc.

With the business strategy background, 3SG team is able to customize LENS workflows and reports so that customers get to discover current state or snapshots of business operations very easily whether that is for sales strategy to confirm follow up on leads, or discovery of missing links in the product strategy, or implementation of marketing strategy, or any other aspect of a business management where there are opportunities to expand and grow. LENS helps business leaders discover what they don’t know; LENS help them sharpen focus and dedicate precious time where it matters the most.


3SG LENS – Request a Demo


Would you like to request a demo? Please complete the contact form below. Or, if you prefer email us at


One of 3SG team members will be in touch with you to set up demo that would explain how LENS can help you with your business strategy and operations.


3SG Differentiation - Discover what you don't know


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    3SG Differentiation - Discover what you don't know


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    • Get Go-To-Market plan with focus that achieve results
    • Integrate technology in the business strategy
    • Capture market share
    • Increase sales, expand your reach
    • Measure and improve effectiveness of the business strategy using real data