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3SG System to Measure, Analyse, Generate Business Insights


What to Measure and Why?

The 3SG team combines industry knowledge with extensive experience in market research and business analysis to identify what to measure, why, and how to get the highest value possible.

Effectiveness at Every Prospect Engagement Point

Customers get tools and training that help them become more credible with every customer engagement point. These include sales presentations, trade shows, digital marketing initiatives using web presence and social media, customer support, or leads generation.

Business Intelligence – Visual Dashboards

Customers get pre-set detailed dashboards for quick and yet insightful visual summaries that can be used to draw actionable business insights. The 3SG team integrates technology tools to provide customized and fully integrated turn-key answers. These include setting up easy-to-use CRM systems and sales strategy execution frameworks, web analytics, integration of online and offline leads generation initiatives, and integration with Tableau.

Decision-making becomes very efficient, backed up by accurate and insightful data.