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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The 3SG team is a partner in execution, working closely with clients. It uses a well-developed methodology split into three phases.

  1. Understand how the client company creates value for their customers.
  2. Define and execute the marketing strategy.
  3. Integrate a system to measure and learn over time.

3SG has achieved market share and revenue goals for 7 different customers.

Business Analysis

The 3SG team uses a well-defined methodology to analyze a business case. It combines:

  1. A framework to capture the product or service value proposition and understand the support system to fulfill customer deliverables – products, services, design-assist, customized configurations, project management, etc.
  2. Market research and competitive analysis specific to client’s industry and business segments
  3. Client’s current pain points and business goals

3SG partners use these insights to develop marketing and sales support strategies.

Marketing Strategy – Definition, Execution

  • Defining and running a go-to-market plan with targeted focus areas
  • Integration of digital marketing into overall business strategy
  • Inbound marketing for market exposure, brand credibility, and leads generation
  • Customer and prospects communication
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns – Google Ads, email marketing, social media advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Support for trade shows, webinars, educational programs
  • Content development on the web, case studies, sales presentations, webinars, etc.
  • Integrating marketing data with sales, customer support, professional services, and other customer project management systems for a complete overall business perspective

Marketing is Measuring

The 3SG team integrates the ability to measure, analyze, and refine marketing initiatives over time. It becomes an empowering feedback loop to understand performance and capture insights.

  • Define and benchmark KPI.
  • Integrate data over multiple marketing channels to analyze bottom-line impact – online and offline.
  • Combine marketing data with sales, customer support, and customer project management systems.
  • The storyboarding and visual dashboards simplify it for clients to understand the performance and distill insights for strategic adjustments.
  • As appropriate, the 3SG partners use techniques and tools for behavioral analysis, qualitative testing, and statistical analysis.

Contact us for a demo to see example marketing campaigns, performance analysis, custom dashboards, and visual storyboarding that has made a difference for the 3SG clients.

Content for Market Exposure, Leads Cultivation, Sales Support

Content Strategy for Market Exposure, Leads Cultivation, Sales Support

Marketing is Measuring - Email Marketing

Marketing is Measuring – Email Marketing