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3SG Consulting specializes in achieving revenue targets for manufacturers and specialized services SMB companies that focus on specific niche products or services, whether that is for specific geographic territories, nationwide, or international.

  • Enable sales teams to achieve targets by building the top end of their sales funnel, developing customized initiatives for sales process execution, account-based marketing, and prospect communication.
  • Develop a system to measure and learn leveraging technology and data integration from sales operations, marketing & advertising initiatives, prospect communication, and customer projects fulfillment process.
  • Nurture the nature: identify core strengths in the sales process, business development, brand recognition: augment that with automation, business intelligence, and personalization.

Build Top End of the Sales Funnel

  • Cultivate a targeted LinkedIn network on autopilot, focusing on companies and professionals specific to your target industries and markets.
  • Implement personalized, automated messaging over LinkedIn connections with unparalleled ability to segment target audience and customize messaging: It has a much higher success rate than other communication media. Generate, cultivate qualified business leads.
  • Identify named senior contacts in the target companies and get introductions with a 15% success rate: the AI technology tools help automate and simplify the process with 15 successful conversations on average for every 100 identified contacts.
  • While developing business using telephone cold calling, leverage AI-backed automation with integrated human interactivity support to start conversations with qualified prospects: focus on higher-value tasks of relationships development while conversations/leads are set up for you.

Sales Support, Account-based marketing, Customer Communication

  • Streamline sales process implementation, empower sales team members with real-time dashboards that identify missing links in execution, help increase closing ratio, and discover strategic business development insights.
  • Leverage existing marketing data such as web analytics, email marketing list(s), social media interactivity for targeted messaging, and programmatic advertising.
  • Maximize returns from the technology, information, and data you might already have today.
  • Marketing technology (Mar Tech) for custom workflows and segmented customer/prospect communication for relationships cultivation, pre-sales support.
  • Generate leads using advertising over a range of digital marketing channels.
  • Sales support content: develop customer project case studies, sales presentations, prospect communication, web content strategy.

System to Measure and Learn

  • Integrate data across different phases of the customer-facing value chain, including advertising, pre/post-sales relationships, products or service fulfillment, inbound and outbound digital marketing data such as web analytics, social media, search engine traction, online workshops & webinars, email marketing, etc. Get visual storyboarding for actionable business insights: example use cases are – lead generation, advertising for specific business goals, customer outreach/communication, pre-sales support, customer experience/success/satisfaction, benchmarked KPI for online engagement, social media traction & interactivity, etc.
  • Discover strategic insights for market penetration, sales process adjustments, new opportunities, customer experience/success, and brand credibility.
  • Measure effectiveness of ALL customer touchpoints, use insights to sharpen customer focus and revise marketing and sales strategy using that.

Media Advertising

  • Search engine, social media advertising (LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube)
  • Remarketing leveraging web analytics, email marketing lists, other first-party data such as CRM data: targeted advertising based on the type of product/service, and sales cycle
  • Programmatic advertising