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Content Strategy

Content Strategy

The content is the currency of communication in the realm of the digital world.

The 3SG partners underpin the content strategy by capturing detailed information on several aspects:

  • The core identity of the company and team
  • The product(s) and service(s) value proposition – where and how you create value for the customers
  • The system and process to fulfill customer deliverables (products, services, projects management)
  • Competitive analysis – list of competitors, SWOT analysis for each, insights about their marketing and sales strategy (SWOT = Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat)
  • Ongoing support requirements to serve current customers
  • Frequently asked questions from customers.
  • Opportunity to educate customers, prospects, and other potential target audiences
  • Graphics design and aesthetic appeal that would reinforce and resonate with the brand identity


3SG System to Measure, Analyze, Refine - Strategy for Business Development - Image - SMU Commons


The 3SG team focuses on a holistic content strategy that can help pull in the right prospects, generate leads, cultivate relationships, supports sales, answer questions, cut down support costs, etc.

Content generated:

  • Website content
  • Projects case studies, customer success stories, white papers, blog posts
  • Products support information, product catalogs (digital and print)
  • Continuing education seminars and webinars, lunch-and-learn presentations
  • Advertising messaging, online and offline ad designs
  • Sales presentations
  • Email marketing campaigns, social media postings & campaigns


3SG Partnership in Execution


Content generation is both an art and science. It requires a clear understanding of what a business has to offer, benchmarking what competitors do, understanding pain points with customers, and explaining how a company helps them. The 3SG partners combine that with industry knowledge and research, strategy development, technology tools, empathy, and emotional intelligence to resonate with the target audience.



Content for Market Exposure, Leads Cultivation, Sales Support

Content Strategy for Market Exposure, Leads Cultivation, Sales Support