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Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

3SG helps clients’ sales strategy by combining three components:

  1. System to articulate and structure the sales process
  2. Integrate the technology tools such as CRM, account-based marketing (ABM), visual dashboards/storyboarding
  3. Sales presentations and training

Example KPI

  • 40-120% increase in new business leads
  • Improved sales closing ratio for 3 customers
  • On average, 40% improvement in sales team members’ productivity
  • 60% increase in sales by bridging the gaps in products support


The key to success with an effective sales strategy set up is coming up with the right questions. Examples:

  1. Where and how is the product specified included in the customer’s design process or target application?
  2. Is it used off-the-shelf, or it needs integration or installation on the customer’s end.
  3. What are the steps in a sales cycle that can build confidence in the development of a lead?
  4. Who are the decision-makers? Do they change from one phase to another during the sales process?
  5. How many various products, services, or configurations are the sales team selling?
  6. Is there any difference or variation in how customers deploy each product?

The 3SG partners have developed a methodology to understand and articulate the sales process. They use that to:

  • Implement the sales process steps and confidence bins in the CRM system such as Nutshell or SalesForce.
  • Populate all the leads using spreadsheets, other separate communication threads, and lists. 3SG has a proven system to validate the data going in the CRM system.
  • Create custom reports to adapt to the sales organization and sales strategy objectives.

3SG has a system to integrate the CRM data into business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI. The capability to slice and dice the sales data for different dashboards and custom screens makes it extremely easy to capture insights in the sales process with data visualization. For example –

  • How many new leads are each salesperson generating?
  • Detailed and specific summary with status on each lead, a salesperson might be working on – where to follow-up, missing links in communication, an anomaly or something new & unforeseen that might have come up with a prospect, etc.
  • Seeing it together on one screen can be so empowering.
  • What are the lead closing ratio and closing time for each salesperson?
  • What is the revenue generated and revenue projected for each salesperson?
  • Which products, if any, have challenges in closing with prospects?
  • Does a salesperson need help in a specific area?
  • How is the sales team doing in specific target industries and target market segments?
  • What can we do to support an individual salesperson more effectively?
  • Can there be a change in the set-up or coordination or support services to put the sales team in a better position to succeed?
  • What can be strategic business development initiatives or changes to grow sales?

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