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Data Integration

Data Integration

Your business has data – a significant asset that you have spread between a range of tools and technologies.

3SG has helped customers achieve 80% improvement on average for the business topline and 20-80% reduction in operations costs.

Where is my Data?

  • Sales team members might have communication threads with their prospects in their emails. Or, maybe they use some CRM system such as Nutshell or Salesforce.
  • Google Analytics might be tracking your website data.
  • Results from marketing campaigns can be in various tools (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google Advertising, FaceBook, YouTube, Yelp reviews, webinar hosting tools, other social media accounts, surveys, etc.)
  • There are spreadsheets probably to maintain prospects list, active projects list with status for each, manufacturing updates, projects’ status, leads from a workshop, contacts from lunch-and-learn presentations, etc.
  • Accounting data can be in QuickBooks or PeachTree or another accounting software.
  • Your company might be using other project management and coordination tools such as SmartSheet, SharePoint, Base Camp, etc.

Each of these pieces serves a specific role or function in your business.

Why Integrate or Combine Data?

The data integration helps you connect these parts to identify synergies, find new opportunities to grow, cut down costs, improve customer satisfaction, and most importantly, discover what you don’t know.

With data integration, the whole is larger than the sum of its parts. The 3SG team simplifies customers’ processes, helping them combine and interpret the data, analyze it, and see the business insights using visual dashboards.

The integration of data from various functional areas saves cost, improves customer satisfaction, reveals new growth opportunities, and helps businesses discover what they don’t know. With data integration, the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.

The data integration helps you create and show a unifying business picture to employees, customers, and vendors.


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