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System to Measure and Learn

System to Measure and Learn

Every business has a significant amount of data.

Business Intelligence

How do you interpret the data and learn from it without getting overwhelmed? How can this data help you sharpen your core focus in the business? Can you use data to refine and clarify your big picture?

3SG Process

  1. 3SG partners start by understanding the client’s customer value chain and identifying the right questions to ask.
  2. Understand where the required data might be and define a map to integrate the data.
  3. Identify, set up, and configure technology tools. Provide required training.
  4. Define a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that can capture and benchmark operations for bottom-line effectiveness and alignment.
  5. Create customized visual dashboards and storyboards to see and understand updates to the overall big picture.
  6. Active collaboration and conversations to refine the tools & dashboards and distill business insights.

Empowerment with Data Analytics

Data analytics can help a company interpret data and capture actionable business insights.

Use the business intelligence to:

  • Understand what would make customers happier.
  • Discover new market segments and customer use cases.
  • Cut down support costs.
  • Generate business leads.
  • Improve your closing ratio in the sales process.
  • Optimize your product or project fulfillment processes.
  • See where and how to make your operations more efficient.
  • Sharpen the effectiveness of prospect engagement points.

Example KPI

  1. 40-120% increase in new business leads
  2. 40-80% improvement in conversion from marketing campaigns
  3. Improved sales closing ratio for 3 customers – 50 to 120% increase
  4. Opened up new market segments for 4 different customers
Landing Pages - Focus on Specific Market Opportunities

Example: Website performance for a target product strategy