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Marketing is Measuring: Part III – Focus on Specific Market Segments

You are looking to grow market penetration for a specific product. How well is it working?

You want to develop content that would engage your prospects effectively? How do you discover potential changes that can bring optimum bang for the buck?

Landing Pages - Focus on Specific Market Opportunities

Landing Pages – Focus on Specific Market Opportunities


Above image shows measurement of effectiveness of different pages on the website of one of our customers. Numbers clearly indicate year over year improvement in effectiveness of a number of pages on the website. That is, how well do prospects engage, when they start on specific landing pages on the website. Two goals that are benchmarked in the above dashboard:

  1. Number of people through more than two pages
  2. Number of people that stayed on the website at least for one minute



The market opportunity was quantified from the initial market research and strategy report.

3SG suggested holistic approach to develop content on the website with these key objectives:

  • Develop search engine rankings
  • Answer questions from potential clients about using the specific product
  • Support sales team members
  • Establish competitive advantage to generate leads and capture market share

The content evolved using web analytics, feedback from sales team members, as well as performance benchmarking of specific email marketing campaigns.


While the image above shows effectiveness of website pages, the number and range of project inquiries also increased in the comparable proportion.


About Deven

Deven enjoys fueling product strategy and market positioning. He combines competitive analysis, Go-To-Market strategy using real data based analysis, and understanding of target customers. Deven is a firm believer in using data for understanding market personas. Deven specializes in web analytics that helps with discovering customer behavior, benchmarking different business channels and insights for business development.
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  • Get Go-To-Market plan with focus that achieve results
  • Integrate technology in the business strategy
  • Capture market share
  • Increase sales, expand your reach
  • Measure and improve effectiveness of the business strategy using real data