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Marketing is Measuring: Part II – Leads Generation, Cultivation

For a manufacturer or services company focused on specialized technology and processes in the architecture and construction industry, there is potential to attract customers nationwide, or even internationally.

How do you realize that potential?

Content for Market Exposure, Leads Cultivation, Sales Support

Content Strategy for Market Exposure, Leads Cultivation, Sales Support


The image above shows benchmarking of two simple and yet powerful goals:

  1. How many website visitors went to at least a couple of pages?
  2. How many visitors stayed on the website at least for a minute?


The image shows the results for two different groups of website visitors for one of our clients:

  1. People that landed on the website pages while searching for answers to their questions on Google. The increasing trend over the period of a couple of years led to new leads, and project opportunities from totally new market segments.
  2. People that visited website directly from their browser. Analysis of this traffic source measured the effectiveness of relationships development, cultivation of leads acquired from different channels, answering questions, and also sales support.


The search engine traction was developed organically by strategic content development and other proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

As partner in execution, 3SG developed content for the customer using 3SG’s industry knowledge and clear articulation of products value prop for prospects engagement. The content strategy evolved hand in hand with market research and competitive analysis, close collaboration with customer projects/support team, as well as active feedback loop from sales and business development initiatives.


About Deven

Deven enjoys fueling product strategy and market positioning. He combines competitive analysis, Go-To-Market strategy using real data based analysis, and understanding of target customers. Deven is a firm believer in using data for understanding market personas. Deven specializes in web analytics that helps with discovering customer behavior, benchmarking different business channels and insights for business development.
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  • Get Go-To-Market plan with focus that achieve results
  • Integrate technology in the business strategy
  • Capture market share
  • Increase sales, expand your reach
  • Measure and improve effectiveness of the business strategy using real data