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3SG Case Study: Advanced Architectural Stone

We here at 3SG have a fun, productive work relationship with Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS).

We started with a mission to answer two questions:

  1. Where are the opportunities for the company to grow?
  2. How to pursue those opportunities?


The 3SG team learned the business operations of AAS and combined that information with its knowledge of the architecture, construction and manufacturing industries.


While working closely with the AAS leadership team, we came up with the following:

  • An effective way to articulate the core strength and differentiators of the AAS products, technology, manufacturing and customer support capabilities.
  • A plan of execution that would achieve the business objectives.


It has been a fun journey implementing the strategy while actively coordinating with the AAS team.


3SG Content Development

Key components of the on-going execution:

  1. Positioning the company in a way that would leverage its core strengths.
  2. Design and implementation of the company’s website, blog, video channel, a number of AAS project stories and case studies, email marketing campaigns and sales support tools.
  3. Extending the market reach of AAS using 3SG’s network and industry knowledge.
  4. An effective feedback loop to measure and understand customer’s behavior using analytics, and to continually refine the positioning.

AAS business grew considerably within the first year of engagement. See more in this 3SG case study….


Download 3SG Case Study


3SG AAS Case Study | IMAGE of Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame | Image by AAS

3SG AAS Case Study | IMAGE of Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame | Image by AAS



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