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Marketing is Measuring: Part I – Email Marketing Case Study

Email marketing can be a powerful tool to cultivate relationships with prospects.


Keys to success with it:

  1. Quality educational content
  2. Right messaging to connect with prospects
  3. Feedback loop to measure, learn and refine over time.


Marketing is Measuring - Email Marketing

Marketing is Measuring – Email Marketing and Business Development Opportunities


The Image above shows email marketing performance for one of 3SG customers in the year of 2018.

3SG provided an integrated ability to measure and analyze performance at several levels.

  1. Measure and understand email marketing performance statistics.
  2. Measure and analyze web analytics to understand engagement. 3SG was able to identify website visits from every email campaign using unique tagging, and then measure conversions of three goals:
    • Number of people that visited more than one page
    • Number of people that stayed on the website at least for a minute
    • Number of online support tickets requested from potential clients
  3. Measure and track lead cultivation in the sales funnel using Nutshell (CRM) and Tableau (BI software)

3SG developed the required web content, email marketing campaign designs, segmented reports in website analytics, sales process set up using Nutshell, and visual dashboards to easily track and follow sales funnel execution.


About Deven

Deven enjoys fueling product strategy and market positioning. He combines competitive analysis, Go-To-Market strategy using real data based analysis, and understanding of target customers. Deven is a firm believer in using data for understanding market personas. Deven specializes in web analytics that helps with discovering customer behavior, benchmarking different business channels and insights for business development.
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  • Get Go-To-Market plan with focus that achieve results
  • Integrate technology in the business strategy
  • Capture market share
  • Increase sales, expand your reach
  • Measure and improve effectiveness of the business strategy using real data