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Intelligent Sales Strategy: Part I of IV – EFFICIENCY using Tableau

When sales process is clearly defined, and tools are in place to measure and also visualize & interpret data for insights into sales strategy, it can bring a number of benefits.

This blog post describes first of the four advantages I will develop in this blog posts series – EFFICIENCY.

Example here shows information about the sales process defined in the Nutshell CRM. The image below shows screen capture of sales funnel defined for one of our customers. Each stage of the sales funnel in this example uses confidence interval carefully defined to reflect progress in the sales process for individual leads. While working closely with the sales team members, we defined list of associated activities for each stage of the funnel.

Defining sales path or sales stages is very critical to improving the closing rate.

Sales Funnel Definition for Automation

Sales Funnel Definition for Automation


The CRM system can be used to track progress of an individual lead. Image below shows sales funnel status and update options for a lead that the sales person in charge of the lead can manage.

Lead Management - confidence intervals

Lead Management – confidence intervals


We export the data from the CRM periodically and import it in Tableau. Custom dashboards in Tableau shows summary of all leads for each sales person. Image below shows Tableau dashboard with LEADS INFO DETAIL for one sales rep.

Leads summarized by confidence interval

Leads summarized by confidence interval


With similar dashboards for each sales person, the leadership team gets to see and understand progress and activity level for each sales person over time.

Sales team members also have a compact summary with list of leads for each confidence interval; it makes it easier for them to identify next step for each lead and streamline their follow up activities saving a lot of time while boosting their productivity significantly.

We created email templates in the CRM for each stage (or confidence interval) of the sales funnel. With this, the sales reps can send customized, pre-defined message in matter of clicks directly from the system. This makes sales strategy execution even more EFFICIENT for sales team.

Stay tuned on my other three blog posts in this series on the Intelligent Sales Strategy – PRODUCTIVITY, INSIGHTS and STRATEGY.


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