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Artificial Intelligence for Business Development

How critical is it to get in front of the right decision-makers? How can you get introductions and references? How much time do you have to spend even before starting a conversation with them? The AI (artificial intelligence) can help … Continue reading

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Technology, Data Analytics for Customer Acquisition

Synopsis My quick summary of the article -  technology and data analysis tools can help you: Maximize focus on the core, high-value tasks while simplifying support activities for sales, customer service, and outreach. See insights from your operations using visual … Continue reading
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LinkedIn for Business Development

Synopsis My quick recap of this article: LinkedIn can be an asset to discover quality prospects and get introductions. You can use LinkedIn to capture insights about your competition and target market segments. Stay up to date with your network … Continue reading
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Intelligent Sales Strategy: Part I of III – PRODUCTIVITY using Tableau

This blog post describes the first of the three advantages I will develop in this blog post series – PRODUCTIVITY. When a sales process is clearly defined, and tools are in place to measure the data, interpret it, and see … Continue reading

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