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3SG Consulting creates system for small to medium sized companies in the architecture and construction industries to grow using a proven system.
The company engages with its partners in a very strategic way, and becomes part of the execution team as well.


Business Strategy Definition

We have a proprietary framework to –

  • Analyze the business case
  • Conduct industry research
  • Discover market potential
  • Create a comprehensive plan that defines and meets business goals.

Business Strategy Execution

3SG team engages with partners extending their marketing and sales strategy team.
The company works together with partners for –

  • Sales strategy execution
  • Marketing strategy execution
  • Business strategy analysis and performance measurements using analytics
  • Strategy refinements and ongoing guidance for business direction

Market Research

3SG team has extensive background in the architecture and construction industry. Founders have track record for successfully driving product strategy in technology and manufacturing segments.
What we do for market research

Competitive Analysis

3SG group leverages competitive analysis for business strategy –

Business Analysis

This involves analyzing the company value chain for delivering the intended products and services.

  • Product applications, prioritization
  • Value chain analysis, direction for scalability for services/product fulfillment

Sales Strategy Execution

Sales Reps Recruitment

3SG provides strategic connections and knowledge-base for recruiting the sales reps in the architecture and construction industries.
Sales follow up, tracking and direction.


Sales Training

  • Sales methodology and system for connecting with prospects
  • Social media training for networking, prospecting
  • Sales tracking, measurements, insights for cultivating relationships, converting leads


  • Set up of the system to follow through and track sales process
  • Tracking, categorizing leads for effective sales force management
  • Creating custom reports for key insights in specific segments and business segments as required


Marketing Strategy Execution



Integrated Marketing

  • We integrate all different marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Trade shows support, tracking – integration with other marketing, sales channels
  • Sales force initiatives, support – integration with online support, services, marketing initiatives for augmenting relationships
  • Print, direct mail, magazine advertising – synergizing, integrating those services with the online digital presence

Web Analytics

  • Measuring effectiveness of all different marketing channels – online as well as off-line
  • Understanding target customer – behavioral and qualitative analysis, testing
  • Benchmarking effectiveness of different marketing channels – ROI in each, analysis for comparative effectiveness, finding out and implementing opportunities for synergy among different marketing channels.
  • Strategy insights for sales, new market segments, new use cases, untapped opportunities, new market niches

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