About 3SG

3SG has the biggest network in the architecture and construction industry.  3SG has developed the system and methodology to get manufacturers in front of qualified prospects immediately.


3SG – We Empower Our Customers

  • We tap into our network for market research in the architecture/construction industry
  • We help our customers grow pool of qualified prospects
  • We are experts in content development. We have architects on our team, so it is architects writing content for architects
  • We have products experts. We have worked with a number of manufacturers. Our team members have deep knowledge and patents in architectural materials development.
  • We are at the cross roads of construction, architecture and manufacturing industries.
  • We integrate technology and well thought out marketing system for turn-key answers tailored to customer’s specific needs.


3SG – System and Methodology to Grow

3SG team guides customers through a systematic process to capture market share and grow their business.

The team has a proven methodology and framework that has helped 3SG customers answer questions such as –

  1. How to best position a product for a particular market?
  2. Where are the opportunities for a product or service? How to realize them?
  3. How does a product or service benchmark against competition?
  4. How to organize, centralize and analyze data from various sources such as spreadsheets, applications, databases, etc?
  5. How to capture a real-time business snapshot that is based on real data and performance analysis?
  6. How to develop marketing, and sales support content that will help connect better with customers?
  7. How to set up a feedback loop system so that we are able to learn and refine while pursuing marketing, sales and business development initiatives?


3SG Consulting Services


3SG team brings a strategic mindset and a way to analyze the business, target market(s) and competition. It designs go-to-market plans using all of the knowledge captured. 3SG team is a partner in the strategy execution increasing exponentially the potential of success.

3SG supports customers with regular strategy, feedback sessions where the team brings customized reports and dashboards that empowers customer’s ability to seeing the big picture and make accurate sound decisions for the business development.

3SG team has extensive track record in content creation that integrate into the business strategy, such as websites, website enhancements, case studies, marketing campaigns, sales presentations, brochures, catalogs …etc.

3SG creates integrated solutions that combine the right technology tools, workflows and processes that are tailored to increase the customer’s productivity and business operations.

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LENS is a turn-key answer for customers to gather and interpret data to enhance the business operations. 3SG has a well defined process to customize LENS to match exactly the customer’s needs.

LENS effectively streamlines sales and leads management processes.

LENS empowers 3SG customers in analyzing business challenges such as where to prioritize resources, how to optimize returns from marketing and sales initiatives.

LENS also offers integrated online quoting system – a unique solution to present proposals to prospects using an integrated approach, and also to analyze prospect behavior after the proposals are sent. Decreasing proposal creation time to a minimum.

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  • Get Go-To-Market plan with focus that achieve results
  • Integrate technology in the business strategy
  • Capture market share
  • Increase sales, expand your reach
  • Measure and improve effectiveness of the business strategy using real data