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Business Analysis

The business analysis helps 3SG partners in answering key strategic questions –

  1. Identify the strengths of the company compared to the overall industry and the competition. Is the strength based on execution, or knowledge-base, and thought leadership, or is it market focus? What are the areas where stronger focus would help?
  2. How to position the company products and/or services to gain market share?
  3. What is the focus of the competition? Is it a specific market or a particular service that gives them a market share advantage? Is the business capable of addressing that specific market or of competing with that particular service?
  4. What are the geographical areas, industries with the most business activity and that offer the greatest opportunity for growth?
  5. Which are the market opportunities that offer the highest potential for the business?
Project Type by Region and Builder
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One: Company Analysis

3SG Consulting has designed a system to analyze a company’s present market position and internal operations that fulfill customer needs.

The deliverables from this analysis are:

  • Create a positioning statement defining the product(s), highlighting the target market, and documenting market problems that the company solves.
  • Articulate product applications. Prioritize product applications defining key features and benefits.
  • Analyze product marketing objectives.
  • Assess sales operations maturity, successful drivers, and offer recommendations.
  • Conduct a value chain analysis, identify scalability requirements for services/product fulfillment.
  • Furnish brand assessment by benchmarking the company’s position against the competition for strategy alignment, customer support/service, marketing communication, and product/service offering dimensions.
  • Generate a customer profile assessment by compiling demographics, psychographics, behavioral, and environmental factors.
  • Develop a USP statement for core value prop of partner (Unique selling proposition) – benchmark product features, uniqueness, differentiators, and ranking on key criteria.
  • Analyze social media market position and strategy.
3SG Consulting - Business Analysis - Offering Analysis



Two: Market Research and Competitive Analysis

3SG leverages their 30+ years of industry knowledge and experience successfully driving product strategy and market positioning for manufacturers in the construction and architectural industries.

We offer:

  • Industry research and analysis for addressable markets. Discovery and definition of market niches that help to capture market share and achieving revenue targets.
  • Market size and value for specific products and services.
  • Market insights and technology trends.
  • Specific online research that reveals growth, market evolution trends, and new opportunities.
  • Industry trends and market potential that is specific to our partners.
  • Market segmentation analysis.
  • Competitive value drivers analysis – how the partner stacks up against competition for the value drivers that are critical for end customers.
  • Market size and market share analysis.
  • Product offering analysis, including type and positioning.
  • Competitive positioning relative to project type, rep organization, services offered, and social media presence.
  • Brand Identity comparison/analysis.
  • Online competitive analysis – website, search engine credibility, social media strategy, and keyword analysis.

3SG Consulting - Market Size - Business Opportunity Analysis

With business analysis, 3SG team creates a solid blueprint for a company to capture market share and grow the business in a very sustainable way. The 3SG team has established track record for partnership in execution; thorough business analysis based on real data is one of the keys to this success.

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