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Partner in Execution

The 3SG team engages with partners, extending their marketing, sales, analytics, and operations teams.


Business Intelligence

  • Optimization of company wide data gathering.
  • Management and planning of data analysis to support better decision making.
  • Assessment, project planning, and technical architecture.
  • Data modeling to efficiently capture key information.
  • Data reporting, visualization, and interactive dashboards.
  • Strategy refinements and ongoing guidance for business direction.
  • We help companies integrate online presence, social media, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), web analytics, digital marketing and advertising tools into their business strategy.

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3SG Consulting - Reporting and Dashboards - real time feedback for business


As partners with our customers, we help them continuously refine the business strategy. We create dashboards that clearly and easily capture the big picture of the business – 3SG team works with customers for regular strategy, reporting sessions.


Sales strategy planning, management and execution

  • Sales representation; organizational development, including planning and recruiting.
  • Sales presentations, management and training.
  • Sales methodology and a system for connecting with prospects.
  • Social media training for networking and prospecting.
  • Sales tracking, measurement, insights for cultivating relationships, and converting leads.
  • Set up of a system to follow through and track sales process.
  • Tracking and categorizing leads for effective sales force management.
  • Creating custom reports for key insights in specific markets and business segments as required.

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3SG Consulting - Partner in Execution - Dashboards for Business Strategy Decisions


Marketing strategy execution

  • Content development (30 + years of industry knowledge and experience).
  • Brand analysis and positioning.
  • Product positioning and market penetration.
  • Lead generation and marketing campaigns.
  • Advertising planning and execution.
  • Integration and analysis of all of the marketing activities.
  • Measuring effectiveness of all different marketing channels – online as well as off-line.
  • Understanding target customers – behavioral and qualitative analysis, and testing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Social Media Strategy.
  • Marketing communication, customer relationships
  • Benchmarking effectiveness for different marketing channels – ROI in each, analysis for comparative effectiveness, and discovering and implementing opportunities for synergy among different marketing channels.

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3SG Consulting - Marketing, Sales Strategy Execution






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